The best of Brno on a single tourist card

Since this year, the Löw-Beer Villa in Brno is involved in the BRNOPAS tourist card project, which provides its owners a number of discounts or free admissions to interesting places in Brno and its surroundings. The card can be purchased from one to three days, for adults or children under 15 years of age, and may include a public transport ticket.

With the BRNOPAS card, you get a 25% discount in the Löw-Beer villa to enter the permanent  exhibition The World of the Brno Bourgeoisie Around the Löw-Beers and the Tugendhats, children have free admission. The card also offers benefits in other famous Brno villas: Tugendhat, Stiassni and Jurkovič.

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New edition of USE-IT Brno map

The new edition of USE-IT Brno maps is here and it also includes the Löw-Beer Villa as a point of interest number 44 named Villa 1.0. The map mentions a short history of the Villa, points out free entry to the garden and commends our café.

USE-IT maps are non-commercial, made by young locals. They are always free and up-to-date. Nowadays, these maps provide information for young travellers in almost 40 European cities – and one of them is Brno.

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Whole world walks on Fuhrmann carpets

The Celnice Gallery will, since September 7, 2018, host a new exhibition called "The Textile Company Moriz Fuhrmann 1918–1948". Come to get acquainted with the fate of the family of Moriz Fuhrmann, the builder of  villa at Drobného 22, which today bears the name of Löw-Beer family.

The exhibition will be dedicated to the textile company Moriz Fuhrmann in the context of years 1918, 1938 and 1948. It will present the history of this carpets and plush producing company and will outline the challenges that German Jewish entrepreneurs had to face after the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic.

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The Löw-Beer Heritage Trail

Employing simple means, the The Löw-Beer Heritage Trail project aims to draw the attention of residents of Brno and South Moravia as well as visitors to the region, to the many years of entrepreneurial activities of the Löw-Beers, the family of textile industrialists, in this area. The project set out to chart the sites related, directly or in the broader context, to the Löw-Beer family.

In Brno these include e.g. villas (Villa Löw-Beer and Villa Tugendhat in the neighbourhood Černá Pole or the villa of Ernst Löw-Beer in Pisárky), flat blocks (Botanická Street No. 14, Cejl No. 6), industrial complexes (the textile factory later called Vlněna), graves in the Jewish graveyard in the quarter Židenice, but also the seat of the Czech Radio Brno designed by Ernst Wiesner (originally the Union Bank, where the Löw-Beers had their financial assets deposited).

The Löw-Beers' “heritage“ will be presented by means of exhibitions, a mobile map application and guided tours of Brno.

In cooperation with the Technical Museum in Brno and TIC Brno, the guided tours around the residences of manufacturers in the Brno discrict Černá Pole (Black Fields) also take place throughout the year. For information about current themed walks check Facebook.